Being with a stronger man allows a strong woman to relax

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Being involved with a man whom I perceive as being stronger than I creates a rather delicious atmosphere of erotic tension, like setting up two opposite poles, and the attraction is powerfully inevitable. And the closer the poles in charge the higher the risk of repulsion. Keeping that energy high can require help and reminders in the form of explicit demonstrations that yes he is indeed more powerful.

It can also be incredibly liberating, knowing that this man, this powerful man, has rights over you. Not because it removes responsibility for one's own actions. Rather, it reduces the deep fear, that isn't rare in women, that a man may be weaker than she is, that it is necessary to constrain certain parts of herself or destroy him somehow.

So when a woman who craves male control finds it she can finally really relax, safe in the knowledge that he will be able to handle anything she has to throw at him and he won't crumble.

I totally agree with you Milly. In all my experiences with relationships, I've always felt that I'm the stronger one, and I've constrained so many parts of myself so that my partner will not feel threatened. I've never felt free in these relationships and in turn have stifled that light within me, and my self expression. There are not many men out there that are really 'stronger'.

I know of an alpha male and we shared a moment. Never in my life have I felt so free than when I was with him. Being with him gave me more freedom than being without him. For the first time in my life I felt like a woman and felt very inspired and positive about myself. This man treated all female in all ages with respect. When I was in his presence I felt protected and secure. He wasn't a tall or big guy, but he had a strength about him. When you walk in a room and you see him sitting quietly in a corner, you feel his presence.

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I wholly agree with this article. Growing up in my culture, women are EXPECTED to be strong, to hold everything together, to be the backbone or things will crumble. This is a lot of pressure. Couple that with the daily media and circumstantial message that at any point your man could, and most probably would, up and leave. I found myself in relationships rife with frustration and anxiety, always feeling as if the weight of the whole thing was on my shoulders.

I'd have to be cool and collected, collecting any hurt or insecurities I experienced and locking them away. Then I met HIM. The one man who looked past the tough exterior I had built around myself and demanded that I open up to him.

His asserting himself as a real man, capable of caring for and loving a strong woman (and egads, allowing her to put her guard down) totally changed my idea of relationships. I no longer had to fear my strength frightening my partner or driving him to abuse. I also know that he will be there with kind encouragement when needed, but a firm hand when I get "a little too "b*tch for my britches."

Thank goodness for my strong man. I haven't had a single worry in over 3 years, and things just keep getting better.


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